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After 8 years of experience in the tourism industry, we started Balkan Transfer as an answer to the large number of requests we have received for reliable transfers throughout the Balkans. Using public transportation can be challenging here: routes are often not connected well, drivers don’t speak English, and vehicles are typically in poor condition. In contrast, private transfers offered on the market are not reliable enough and are mostly operated by individuals without fulfilling legal requirements.

Balkan Transfer offers a solution to this problem. We provide reliable and safe city-to-city and city-to-airport transfers all around the Balkans. We are fully focused on our customers’ safety and satisfaction: our vehicles are new, our drivers are experienced, and all of our staff speak English. We have a call center and offer you full support, from your first inquiry until you reach your final destination, and even beyond. Our company is registered for these services, and our drivers meet all legal qualifications.

While we do our best to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, we also ask you to be cooperative, especially if you are taking a shared ride. The responsibility of getting to the destination safely and on time is mainly ours, but you should also accept and respect our terms and conditions in order to help us maintain comfort levels for you and your fellow passengers.

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