Terms and conditions | Balkan Transfer

Terms and conditions

When booking a transfer, each passenger agrees that:

  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to show up at the requested pick-up location at the agreed-upon time
  • There will be no refund issued if the passenger fails to show up
  • The passenger will act respectfully towards the driver, vehicle, and other passengers
  • The passenger understands that multi-traveller routes may result in short delays. These delays, which will not affect connections with other carriers, can happen for various reasons including, but not limited to: flight delays, other passengers’ requests or conditions, traffic, and other unforeseeable conditions.

When booking a transfer, Balkan Transfer guarantees that:

  • No transfer will be canceled
  • A driver will be present at the pick-up destination on time
  • The vehicle will be clean, well-equipped, and well-maintained
  • The driver will respect all driving laws during the ride
  • The driver will be respectful, able to fluently communicate in English, and remain calm under all circumstances


  • Balkan Transfer is not liable for any accidents or damage that did not occur at the fault of Balkan Transfer
  • Balkan Transfer is not liable for delays occurring at the fault of the passenger or any external force beyond the company’s control
  • Balkan Transfer is not liable for any damage to passenger’s baggage or baggage not collected by the passenger at the end of his/her transfer
  • Balkan Transfer is liable for longer delays (longer than 2 hours) occurring at the fault of the company, and will consequently provide fair compensation to enable the passenger to reach his/her final destination

Data Protection

  • Balkan Transfer will keep the personal data of passengers safe and confidential. We will not share it with third parties.
  • Balkan Transfer can use email and phone you provided when making the reservation to contact you about promotions and special offers.


  • Please direct any complaints or concerns to info@balkantrasnfer.com within 10 days of the travel date.